Here in Miami with my Family

Whats up everyone Miami, FL is an amazing area to stay my family and I are enjoying ourselves so much it is amazing. Me and my family have been strolling around  Miami, Fl in our rent a car beating all of the travelers to every tourist attraction making it so much fun to see and do what ever you wanteverything. Me and my family saw the little Havana yesterday it is was fantastic. My family and I have just been relaxing on the outside  besides being tourists my family and I  are enjoying it so much. Sorry that this updae is so small but I have to return to the fantastic life of a Miamin.

I will talk to you all soon.

Hey World

My Girlfriend has broken up with me so I have been pretty sad the last couple of days so i  am debating about keeping this blog open or not so sorry to all of my followers. But I will be ok so do not worry about me everyone.

My friends will be hanging out a lot in Miami for my recovery so I might see all of you guys out there who knows. Thanks for following me.

Miami Night life is great

Cheers I am so excited to talk to all of my colleagues  today. Remember when I told you yesterday that my best friend had a strategy for my group of friends today It was amazing. He rented something so awesome it is crazy. He rented a car but not just a any automobile a 2011 Ford Mustang Convertible. I have never sat in a top less car ever. Rolling up and down the coast in a convertible is dreamy. Feeling the air current in your bangs and just enjoying every instant of it is amazing. I did not think that it was going to be that much fun when I first got into the motor vehicle but once he revved the motor i was thrilled. The beach was a deal of fun but going to the clubs in a Mustang convertible girls were all over me and my group. Renting this car was a terrific idea and I believe that  we are going to have to do that again one time before long. 

So tomorrow is going to challenging to match yesterday but I consider  that I am going to have a meal with a colleague tomorrow night we will in all likelihood  go some where nice. Besides all of that I will just chill and take it easy get prepared for the busy work week. I am non excited for Monday I will have a lot of work to do.

My second post

Hey World here is morning 2 things are going ok but I almost did not recall to post my evening before I go  to the office today. Nothing new with me I am just chilling in Miami, Florida. Organizing to just chilling with some friends this evening on the strip. will brewskis. I have Thursday off this month so if anyone has any ideas of what sounds like fun. Thanks and I will see you guys tomorrow.

My City Miami

Hi my Friends  I hope that all of you had a outstanding evening. I definitely did I beveraged a little to much but I had a fantastic time. I went to the beach of Miami Florida and we had a wonderful time. We just hung out and caught up and got drunk. I got  a little drunk  but while I was cloud nine I thought that I am a lucky person to live in such a fantastic city where we have the beach and the perfect temperatures. On the beach you can do so many things if it is drinking working out chilling, surfing, doing something romantic, or so many other things and you can chill out there all day or all night.  I felt really happy  about last night about living in Miami Florida. For those of you who do not live near a beach  you have to  visit for you can get the feeling.
 Then I came home and watched big bang theory and crashed.
Anyways I am nervous for tomorrow because my colleagues are planning an amazing day. i am not allowed to know about his plans because it is suppose to be a secret but we will see what he has in store. I am super  excited.

My First Blog

HOWDY WORLD! This is my first blog ever and I am excited to start writing about my life and what I am doing down in Miami Florida. I have never owned a blog before so i am sorry if I am slow at posting or if i forget sometimes I want this to be success full so I will try my best to try and do that. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy lifestyle to read my blog. All of you guys are great and I plan to bring you guys some great content soon.